Kidsongs Music Video Stories, The Kidsongs TV Shows and Kidsongs Music are very high quality productions that have been recognized with numerous important national awards. Kidsongs Music Video Stories and Kidsongs Music have won or been nominated for eight Parent's Choice Awards. The very discerning National Parenting Publications Association (NAPPA), a group of nationally published writers, reviewers and critics selected Kidsongs to receive an award as well. Video Review Magazine "A Day At Old MacDonald's Farm" as Best Children's Video of the Year. We were very honred when The Kidsongs TV Show was selected by Action for Children's Television for their very prestigious award for "Outstanding Achievement in Children's Television". A.C.T. is a group of educators and children's activists who work tirelessly to improve the quality of children's television in the United States. They felt that The Kidsongs TV Show was doing an important service introducing new generations of children to America's musical legacy.

In addition, Bruce Gowers and Carol Rosenstein, the Producers, Writer and Director of Kidsongs, have won or been nominated for multiple Grammy and Emmy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Directors Guild Awards, ViRa, Cable Ace and Monitor Awards. In 2009, Bruce was warded the Emmy Award for Best Director for his work on American Idol. Kidsongs is a very special project that Bruce and Carol created for their own children when they were toddlers.

Bruce and Carol have extensive backgrounds in television production with over 100 major network specials (most of them involving music) and many series'to their credit. You can read more about them in the About Us section of the site.

A key member of the Kidsongs team is Music Producer Michael Lloyd who has been awarded over one hundred Gold and Platinum Records. His work has won Academy Awards, Golden Globes, American Music Awards and Grammy Awards during a career that has so far spanned over five decades.

Kidsongs has stood the test of time and continues to garner critical acclaim by teachers, educators, critics, parents and kids. Here are a few of the many wonderful things that have been said about Kidsongs:


"I love Kidsongs because I love to dance to the music… I give it five stars and two thumbs up.”A 5-1/2 year old fan in Pasadena, CA

"I have purchased many of the Kidsongs series (8), starting with Old MacDonald’s Farm (the best)! What is especially great is that we can enjoy these along with our young toddler---and never get tired of them.”G. Berger, a customer

"My 20 month old daughter, Olivia, just loves these tapes. I have some tapes from 11 years ago when I purchased them for my now 13 year old Sabrina and my 17 year old, Dave. They also loved them and are having a ball reliving their childhood memories by watching them with their sister.”Kim Munchal, a customer

"Kidsongs are beautifully produced, no corners were cut. Few shows treat children with such respect."Genevieve Kazdin, Video Review Magazine

"There’s no doubt that Kidsongs will have your little ones doing the toddler boogie in front of the tube.”Chicago Sun Times

"One of the many strengths of The Kidsongs TV Show is its ability to provide pro-social messages that are inherent in the songs. It is sure to win the full approval of parents."Gordon L. Berry, Professor Educational Psychology, UCLA

"Kidsongs gets my youngsters singing and moving along to the music."Judy Dotson, Teacher

"It’s great entertainment for those precious 20-25 minutes that mom’s, aunts and babysitters need to get that load of laundry done or that meal on the table. Thanks again for a wonderful product!”K. Strawn, a customer

"The Biggles and the young Kidsongs performers will be terrific friends for viewers as they watch the music, magic and fun!"Video Business Magazine

"I recommended several people to your site and I have got only rave reviews!"M. Hayes, customer

"Kidsongs...full of songs from farms, parks and many other locations that appeal to preschoolers."Video Notebook, Star Tribune