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Everybody get on your feet
You make me nervous
When you’re in your seat, yeah
Take off your shoes and pat your feet
We’re doin’ a dance that can’t be beat

We’re barefootin’
We’re barefootin’
We’re barefootin’
Oh yeah, we’re barefootin’

Went to a party now the other night
Long tall Sally, she was out of sight
Took off her hat and her high sneakers, too
She’s doin’ a dance without any shoes

She’s barefootin’
She’s barefootin’
She’s barefootin’
Oh yeah, she’s barefootin’

Hey little girl with your red dress on
I bet you can dance all night long
Take off your shoes and just throw ‘em away
Come back and get ‘em another day

Repeat Chorus

Now little John Henry he said to Sue
If I can barefoot, you can barefoot, too
Sue told John, you know I studied, too
I was barefootin’ since I was two

Repeat Chorus

We’re barefootin’
Hey, hey, we’re barefootin’

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