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We received an urgent email yesterday with the above mentioned subject line. The family I'm talking about, the Anderson's, were joining a large group of cousins, aunts and uncles for a summer weekend get together and were panicked that their children wouldn’t be up to speed for the families’ tradition of evening sing alongs around the campfire. Fortunately, the Anderson family came to the right place. You can find helpful suggestions and free lyrics to hundreds of songs on our website. Continue reading for more of the story and for specific song recommendations!
Part II of fun things to do during during the lazy days of summer... Okay, it's hot outside, the kids are getting cranky and you don't want to spend a bunch of money to keep them entertained. What to do? Try some of these tried and true ideas! Read on for sprinkler fun, make-at-home treats, an impromptu summer dance party and more creative fun on a budget! Sure to bring smiles all around...
It’s summer and I have two kids out of school, my four and seven-year-olds, and limited “fun money” to spend. I made up this list for my husband and I, and I thought that you might find it useful, too. Read on to find answers to that summers-old question, "What can I do with the kids today?" This entry features fun and free (or almost free) outings. Come back soon to read the follow-up about low cost fun you can have at home!
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