What is Kidsongs?

Kidsongs is a brand of award winning kid’s music products.  We have hundreds of kid pleasing items available for purchase including the Kidsongs Music Video Stories, The Kidsongs TV Shows, CDs, video and music downloads, toys and Songbooks with accompanying CDs.

Kidsongs.com is the only place where each and every Kidsongs product is available, every day.

What are the Kidsongs Music Video Stories?

It is a home video series created for children ages one to eight.  They are professionally produced, live action shows that star a cast of kids performing favorite kid’s songs to entertain and motivate young viewers.  Each of the twenty-four, half-hour long Music Video Stories has ten to fifteen songs joined together by a story line and theme.  For more information browse the store where you can read detailed descriptions of each episode, see sample clips and make a purchase.  To read more information the Kidsongs Music Video Stories, click here.

Is the Kidsongs TV Show different from the Kidsongs Music Video Stories?

Yes.  The Kidsongs TV Show uses the music videos from the Kidsongs Music Videos Stories in a new context:  Set in a fictional TV studio, the Kidsongs Kids play the parts of hosts, crew, producers, writers and performers of their own children’s television show.  In addition to the sing along fun there are pro-social themes such as patience, sharing, manners, teamwork and responsibility.  The kids even have their own motto: “Made by Kids, For Kids and Starring Kids!”  There are fifteen episodes currently available on DVD.  Go to our store to see a preview and read the detailed product descriptions.  Or, you can read more about this series here.

Is this the same show that ran on PBS?

Yes, it ran on PBS from 1994 to 2001 and an earlier version ran on the Disney Channel and network television stations Saturday mornings.  The Kidsongs TV Show was a hit with kids and critics, winning numerous awards. To read what critics and parents had to say about it click here.

Do you sell the kid’s songs themselves? The music?

Yes, we do!  We have lots of music from our extensive Kidsongs Music Library of more than 300 popular children’s songs for sale on CD and for download.  A few titles are even still available on audio cassette.  Also available are Songbooks with accompanying CDs.  Go to the store to browse our Kidsongs Music Collections or if you prefer to download our albums or individual songs, go to Downloads.

I'm having trouble with my video downloads.  What should I do?

Click here for helpful video download tips.

What products are available?

There are twenty-four Kidsongs Music Video Stories, fifteen episodes of The Kidsongs TV Show, five audio titles available on CD, four Songbooks of sheet music with accompanying CDs and the Billy Biggle plush toy.  Also available are free printable song lyrics and free Coloring & Activity Sheets.

What are the Biggles?

Billy and Ruby Biggle are adorable fantasy characters who appear in several of the Kidsongs Music Video Stories and the entire PBS version of The Kidsongs TV Show.  They use their magic powers to come from Biggleland to sing, dance and play along with their friends, the Kidsongs Kids.  They add an element of silliness and whimsy to the series. The can also express feelings, understanding and address common fears and insecurities -- a kid’s best friends.

How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping and the time it takes to receive your order depend on which shipping method you choose. We can get it to you in a few days or a few weeks.  To see the different methods of shipping go to the Shipping Choices page.  Also, once you place items in your shopping cart, you will see a form that allows you to estimate the cost of shipping before you enter your payment information.  Orders typically ship the following business day (Monday through Friday) from when you place your order.

How do I get free lyrics?

There are two easy ways to find the lyrics to your favorite children’s songs.  Go to the Free Stuff section and click on Free Lyrics.  You will see each song listed alphabetically.  Simply click on the song title you’re looking for and print it out.  You can also use the convenient Search Box located at the top of every page. Type in all or part of the song title or a lyric in the song, then click on the song title on the results page.  That will also take you to the song lyrics.

Can I order offline?

Yes, it's easy!  You can place an order by phone -- Our toll free number is 866-221-4459.

Do you have a catalog available?

Yes, you can call and request one and it will be mailed to you promptly, free of charge.  You can also find a link to click on at the bottom of any page, called “Order a Catalog”.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate online, here, in the Customer Service section of our website. You can also order one over the phone by calling us toll free at 866-221-4459.