Megan Miyahira (who appeared in more Kidsongs music videos than any other Kidsongs Kid!) is an actor and student who appeared in the award-winning movie "Even Stevens".

Michael Minden is a is a busy choreographer/actor who recently appeared in the television series "Boston Legal".

Lynsey Bartilson is a successful working actress who starred in the network sitcom "Grounded for Life" and continues to appear as a guest star in various network television shows. 

Christian Buenaventura, former host of The Kidsongs Television Show, is a television post production sound editor and musician.

Brady Kimball is pursuing a career as a director.

Chris Finch has appeared for years as the sidekick and numerous voices for radio personality Rick Dees.  He has also danced with Madonna and has recently recorded a new CD.

Nicole Mandich is a working television and film actor.

Tiffany Burton is a choreographer who most recently worked on the hit reality TV show "So You Think You Can Dance".

Mimi Paley is currently a working television actress.