Kidsongs Trivia Contest #1:
 (Answers are at the bottom of the page)

1.  At which amusement park did we NOT shoot Kidsongs?
      a.  Magic Mountain
      b. Universal Studios
      c.  Knotts Berry Farm
      d.  Marineland

2.  Which Kidsongs Kid was in the most episodes?
      a.  Chris Finch
      b.  Megan Miyahira
      c.  Tiffany Burton
      d.  Shira Roth

3.  Which Kidsongs Kid was a co-star in a prime time sitcom?
      a.  Nicole Mandich
      b.  Alexandra Piccata
      c.  Christian Buenaventura
      d.  Lynsey Bartilson

 4.  Who was NOT an in-studio guest on the Kidsongs TV Show?
      a.  Raven Symone
      b.  Robbie Robertson
      c.  Sheila E
      d.  Peter Noone

5.  How many farms were used in the episode, "A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm"?
      a.  1
      b.  2
      c.  3
      d.  4

6.  How many Border Collies played the role of "Bingo"?
      a.  1
      b.  2
      c.  3
      d.  4

 7.  The actor who played Professor Majorchord also played another Kidsongs character.  Who was it?
       a.  The network executive in The Kidsongs TV Show
       b.  The French Painter
       c.  Michael Finnegan
       d.  The scientist in the "Purple People Eater" song

 8.  Which one of these Kidsongs songs was not a Beach Boys' first hit?
      a.  I Get Around
      b.  Little Deuce Coupe
      c.  Catch a Wave
      d.  Barefootin'

 9.  Who anonymously played the role of George Washington in the song "America's Heroes"?
      a.  A famous stage actor
      b.  Kidsongs' lighting director
      c.  A well-known country singer
      d.  Kidsongs' producer

10.  What is the best-selling Kidsongs video of all time?
      a.  Ride the Roller Coaster
      b.  A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm
      c.  Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes
      d.  What I Want To Be






Answers:  1. c, 2. b, 3. d, 4. b, 5. b, 6. b, 7. d, 8. d, 9. b, 10. b