Saturday, December 11, 2010 10:22:19 AM America/Denver
What are the best Christmas songs for kids?
This is a question being asked across the land this time of year.  Since those of us at are supposed to know these things, we could offer our opinion but instead decided to ask the real experts: our customers! 
Here are their five favorite Christmas kid’s songs, why they picked them and a bit of trivia, too: 


#1 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (a.k.a.The Ninth Reindeer!):


Easy to understand this choice as the song has mega kid appeal – who doesn’t love the story of the “Rocky” of reindeers who saves the day? (Foggy night to be precise.) 
RudolphTrivia:  An employee of the Chicago Montgomery Ward department store was assigned to create a Christmas giveaway item for kids.  He wrote a short story called “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, the store published it and the star was born. 
More Rudolph Trivia:  The song inspired another character, an accidental star who had her own TV special: “Olive, the Other Reindeer”.  Olive owes her existence to the many people who misheard the line in the song, “All of the other reindeer”!
#2 Jingle Bells:  
This made the list because it’s easy for kids to learn.  Jingle Bells is fun to turn into a “round” with harmonies leading to many a happy family sing along.  
Trivia:  Haven’t seen this on Jeopardy, but you will be prepared if the “Out of this World Music” category comes up with: “What was the first song broadcast from outer space”. Yep, “What is Jingle Bells?” will win you some bucks. 


#3 The Twelve Days of Christmas:


An example of the classic  “add-on & repeat song” like Old MacDonald, Twelve Days is fun and a bit silly.  Kids love this format, and they feel proud of themselves as they remember the items on the list. 
Trivia:  This year it will cost $23,439 to buy all the gifts, according to PNC Financial Group.  They didn’t say what it would cost to store them until next year.


#4 All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth:


Easy to see why this made the top 5 – it’s about kids.
Trivia:  New York school music teacher Donald Yetter Gardner wrote this hit song in just 30 minutes back in 1944.  He was inspired by his toothless class of second graders.  It’s the only song about teeth that has been recorded by both RuPaul and George Strait. 


#5 Deck the Halls:


Made the list because kids like the “fa-la-la’s” and it puts everyone in a good mood.
Trivia: Deck the Halls is an Oldie but goodie, it goes back to medieval times, around 1500.  However, it took until 2005 for it to peak on the Billboard Country Chart at number 37.  Patience is a good thing. 
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