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As we all know, kids love to visit animals at the zoo! Read on about planning your visit, getting your kids engaged in the process and how to best enjoy your outing. Your children will be more involved, have more fun and learn more on their trip to the zoo with these easy suggestions. Pick a few that work for you and have a great time!
If the title has you saying "yeah, right" then this blog post is for you. If you are running around like crazy trying to get it all together and also dealing with anxious little ones, then read on! Preparation, homework, organization, dinner, bedtime -- We've got it covered!
Can summer road trips with kids be fun? Of course they can! No need to be worried about the little ones being bored and restless on long car rides. Just make music your new best friend! Pop in a kid-friendly CD and start the sing along fun and games. Here are some ideas for song based games you can play in the car...
Summer is a great time of year for kids, but eventually you may hear the unwelcome words, "I'm bored". Here are some free, or almost free, activities for you and your children. Not just for summer, but anytime! Games, music, water play and science fun, just to name a few...
So, the grand kids are coming for a visit and you haven't entertained toddlers since your own kids were little. Before panic sets in just remember that you really do have a lot to teach the little ones and that learning can be fun. Read on for ideas on how to pass the time in fun and interactive ways!
Kids and parents alike love nursery rhymes. They can transport you to a magical far off place, give you a mini-education, and often, make you laugh. Here are a few things you might not know about the origins of many of your favorite nursery rhymes...
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