In 1994, we created a new version of Kidsongs, The Kidsongs Television Show, to air on Public Television. The show was a hit with viewers and critics and ran from 1994 through 2001, winning numerous awards. The Kidsongs TV Show is designed to empower and educate children while introducing them to a wide array of music and musical styles. Set in a fictional TV studio, the Kidsongs Kids play the parts of hosts, crew, producers, writers and performers of their own children's public television show. They even have their own motto -- "Made by Kids, for Kids and Starring Kids!"

The Kidsongs TV Show uses many of the Kidsongs Music Videos in this new context -- Eight music videos per show. Popular and informative segments in each episode include Question Time (an interview with a live, in-studio guest), Fascinating Facts and the Kidsongs Sing Along. In addition to the sing along fun, there are pro-social themes such as, patience, sharing, manners, teamwork and responsibility. These messages are worked into the scripts as part of the children’s activities and challenges and are further exemplified by the kid’s adorable and friendly fantasy frieds, Billy and Ruby Biggle. Billy, along with his big sister Ruby, interact with the kids and help them navigate through the sing along fun as well as the difficulties they encounter as they work as a team to put on the show. The Kidsongs TV Show garnered huge ratings and had a successful eight year run on Public Television. Eighty shows were produced and fifteen are now available for purchase on DVD and for video download.

An earlier version of the Kidsongs TV Show ran on the major television networks on Saturday mornings between 1987 and 1989. These same episodes then aired on the Disney Channel from 1989 to 1992. This, too, was our production and the songs and music videos that were part of those episodes can be found on our Kidsongs Music Video Stories and Music Collections. None of the episodes from this first version of the Kidsongs TV Show are currently available for download or on DVD, but the first ever episode of this series is available for viewing in the Kids' Tube section of this site.