Kidsongs Music Video Stories is a series of twenty-four home videos created for children ages one to eight. The videos are high-quality programs produced by an award-winning team of director, producer, music producer, choreographers, editors and crew. The live-action productions star a cast of kids performing favorite kids songs selected to entertain and motivate young viewers.

The Kidsongs Music Video Stories get kids up and moving to a wide range of music – From “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” to “Rock Around the Clock”.

Each half-hour long Kidsongs Music Video Story has ten to fifteen songs joined together by a story line and theme – Such as “Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes” or “Very Silly Songs”.

The two most recent Kidsongs Music Video Stories “Adventures in Biggleland: Billy’s Birthday” and “Adventures in Biggleland: Meet the Biggles” were released in 1998. In these episodes, the Kidsongs Kids go on a sing and dance along adventure with their magical friends Billy Biggle and his big sister Ruby. The Biggles transport the Kidsongs Kids to Biggleland, a beautiful, wondrous place filled with fantastically colorful and whimsical places and things. Once there, the kids meet all of Ruby and Billy’s friends and join together for silly, magical and musical fun.

There are twenty-four, half-hour long Kidsongs Music Video Stories available to purchase on DVD or for download directly to your computer. In addition, some episodes are still available on VHS.

We have produced Kidsongs Music Video Stories on every subject of interest to kids – Such as animals, birthdays, the zoo, the amusement park, camp, adventure, fantasy and things that go, .

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