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About the Producers of Kidsongs:

Prior to Kidsongs, Bruce and Carol had previously collaborated on hundreds of music videos and numerous television specials. It all started when Bruces’s video of Queen’s landmark “Bohemian Rhapsody” garnered international attention. When Rod Stewart saw it, he requested that Bruce direct a video for his song, “Tonight’s the Night”. Bruce came to America from England for the assignment and met Carol who was a producer on the project. Soon after they opened a Los Angeles music video company and over the years produced hundreds of music videos and television specials.

Between them, they have worked on over 100 major network specials.   Bruce produces and directs and Carol writes and produces.

Bruce has directed American Idol since its inception and won the Emmy this year for his outstanding work on the series. The duo also created the television shows “America’s Funniest People”, “Dancin’ to the Hits” and the “The Spectacular World of Guinness Records”. Other credits include music specials with Britney Spears, Fleetwood Mac, ‘NSync, Ricky Martin, the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. Also to their credit are major awards shows such as the Emmy’s, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Blockbuster Awards, ESPY Awards and The Essence Awards. Bruce and Carol also enjoy comedy specials and have worked with Dame Edna Everage, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, Richard Lewis and Eddie Murphy.

How Kidsongs Began:

Carol, who is Kidsongs’ writer and producer, came up with the idea for Kidsongs when her daughter Katie was a one-year-old. Carol noticed that Katie was always happy when music came on and was very interested when she saw children and animals on TV. The idea of producing live-action music videos of classic children’s songs popped into her head. Bruce, who is the director, had a toddler son, Sean, at that same time and was also exicted about the idea. Bruce and Carol set out to update age old classics like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “This Old Man”, and bring them to life for their toddlers in a half-hour music video story.

They took the idea of music videos for kids to their favorite client, Warner Bros. Records, for whom they had produced music videos for the artists Rod Stewart, Prince and Van Halen, among others. The executives at Warner Bros. were equally excited about the project. The two companies joined forces and produced the first episode, the Kidsongs classic, “A Day At Old MacDonald’s Farm”. To this day, this title remains Kidsongs' best selling title.  Here’s a fascinating fact: “Kidsongs: A Day at Old MacDonald’s Farm” was the first kid's video ever produced directly for the home video market.

Bruce and Carol have added episodes to the collection every couple of years, and now the Kidsongs Video Music Stories series is comprised of twenty-four home video episodes and includes 325 songs. What started out as a single episode has evolved into a modern treasury of children’s music. The music is also available on CD, in sheet music songbooks and for MP3 download.

About the Kidsongs TV Show:

In 1987, Carol and Bruce came up with the idea of making a Kidsongs television show and were able to sell this concept, too. The original Kidsongs TV Show put a group of talented kids in a TV studio to make a show “by kids, for kids and starring kids”. The child actors played the parts of hosts, camera operators, director, producer and crew. The show they presented was a music video countdown show featuring the Kidsongs music videos. The fun they had in the fictional studio was contagious and children loved it. The original twenty-six Kidsongs TV Show episodes ran on network Saturday morning for two years. The show was then acquired by the Disney Channel who ran the episodes for another four years, until 1992. To see our first-ever episode of The Kidsongs TV Show, go to the Kid’s Tube section of the site.

Bruce and Carol approached PBS in 1993 about collaborating on a new Kidsongs TV Show that introduced children to America’s musical legacy but also included key educational concepts and explored pro-social messages like teamwork, sharing, responsibility, hard work and manners. The producers came up with the new version of The Kidsongs TV Show that met those needs. This version also featured talented kids making their own show, but this time around they research and produce informative segments to present useful information on the subjects educators felt were important. For more information on This Kidsongs TV Show, click here.