Can summer road trips with kids be fun?

Of course they can!  No need to be worried about the little ones being bored and restless on long car rides.  Just make music your new best friend!  Pop in a kid-friendly
CD and start the sing along fun and games.

Here are some ideas for song based games you can play in the car:

Just listening to that silly classic, "
Purple People Eater" will put everyone in a good mood.  Then make a game or contest out of looking out of the windows and finding purple things.  Purple cars, big rigs, billboards -- there is a lot ore purple out there than you would think!

Play "The Bus Song" which kids just love to sing along with.  With their seatbelts on have the kids act out the different functions of a bus and what its passengers are doing.  See how many kinds and colors of busses you see on the road!

The ever popular "
The Name Game" is perfect for the car and is good for language development too!  Have fun with names while learning the sounds of different consonants:  "Katie!  Katie, Katie bo-bay-tee, bo-na-na fan-na fo-fay-nee, fee-fi mo-may-tee, Katie!"

After you've done all the names in the car, you can continue with your pet's names, friends and even the towns you are passing through.  You may have trouble singing from laughing too much!

Enjoy the rest of summer and the memories that will your family will make together!