Here at we have spent decades listening to over a thousand children's songs before deciding to go into the studio to record and produce videos of them.  We have to really like them to add them to our catalog.  Here are the our opinion, of course!

To find the best of the best we had to go further.  We looked for more than just a cute, catchy song.  The song had to do more.  It had to capture your child's imagination, play a role in your child's development, be memorable and be a song that everyone likes to sing. 

Here's the list and the reasons why the song made it:

1.)  Old MacDonald Had a Farm:  The simple sing-songy melody is easy for little ones to master, its repetition of both key words (like "quack, quack") and phrases ("and on his farm he had a...") teaches children animal sounds while utilizing memory skills.  Plus, you can add your favorite animals to it and in the words of Simon Cowell, "make it your own".


2.)  The Wheels on the Bus:  A simple structure, catchy melody and ability to add movement to act out the lyrics landed this on the list.  Kids just want to play along with it and it's a favorite for in the car sing alongs. 

3.)  This Old Man:  Rhyming and counting in one fun play along package.  Need we say more?

4.)  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:  Is there a nicer way to end the day then singing a simple lullaby to your child?  A lovely melody, images that are easy and calming to visualize and poetic lyrics create a perfect song. 

5.)  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer:  It was a tough choice between Rudolph and Mary’s famous little lamb. Both songs tell a compelling story that children relate to and are about the special relationship between people and animals. They both stir feelings of empathy, have a little drama and a happy ending. We love both, but Rudolph won “by a nose”.

I'm sure you have your own favorites, so please comment and let us know which songs are the all-time greatest in your household!