We thought you might like to have a Christmas themed trivia quiz in your back pocket in case the conversation lulls during the long drive to Grandma's house, around the dining table or during late night gift wrapping.
So, print out our quiz and keep it handy for any holiday conversational emergency!
Christmas Tree Trivia Quiz
1.  The first Christmas Tree was in:
      a.  5th Century Germany
      b.  14th Century Estonia
      c.  12th Century Finland
      d.  8th Century Norway
2.  The first fake Christmas Tree was invented by :
      a.  Suzie Walton, the niece of the Walmart founder
      b.  Walter Marcus, of the Neiman Marcus department store family
      c.  Albert von Macy, of the Macy’s department store family
      d.  An unkown German 
3.  The first fake Christmas Tree was made of:
      a.  Goose feathers died green
      b.  Plastic 
      c.  Crocheted wool & lace 
      d.  Dried rosemary plants
4.  In Australia, a popular Christmas tree choice is the:
      a.  The Billabong Berry plant
      b.  The Platypus plant
      c.  The Albany Wooly bush
      d.  The Silver Ecualpytus
5.  The idea of decorating a Christmas Tree was introduced to America by:
      a.  GE lightbulbs
      b.  A German Immigrant to Boston
      c.  A Norwegian immigrant to New York 
      d.  A Swedish immigrant to Chicago
Correct answers:  1.a, 2.d, 3.a, 4.c, 5.b
Source:  Wikipedia