What could be cuter and more entertaining than fuzzy, furry, big-eyed, roly-poly baby animals?  Not a lot.  Baby animals mesmerize kids and adults alike with their inquisitive and playful behavior eliciting choruses of “ahhhs” and “oooos”.  Most of us can’t get enough of them.

Songs about baby animals tend to be very cute, too, and many of them offer the opportunity to reinforce learning numbers, letters and phonics through rhyming lyrics.
We like to encourage parents, grandparents,teachers and caregivers to use kid’s songs as a gateway to rewarding interactions with their children.

Let’s explore a few songs about baby animals that are perfect to work with:

Five Little Monkeys" is a countdown song – first there are 5, then 4, then 3…You get the idea.  I love songs that teach our kids without them feeling like they are being taught. They think it’s just a sing along game they can play along with: count the monkeys on their fingers, or act out the lyrics using stuffed toys, or  make sock puppets to represent the monkeys and play together. Use your imagination to come up with an engaging play activity to accompany the song and have fun!

'A' You’re Adorable” is another song about baby animals that has a lot to offer.  You can sing your way all the way through to Z!  This song will take a while to learn, it has lots of lyrics, but the very catchy melody will catch on with your kids.  There is something about wanting to know all their letters that motivates children to master this one.  Our Kidsongs video version features adorable white tiger cubs…Did I say “adorable”?  What an understatement.

"'A' You're Adorable" from the Kidsongs Music Video Story title Baby Animals

The Petting Zoo” is another very popular song about baby animals.  This one is very interactive, so encourage your kids to get up and moving and act it out.  Here's a sampling of the lyrics:

At the petting zoo
There is a little bunny rabbit
At the petting zoo
There is a little bunny rabbit
The bunny- likes to hop, hop, hop
The bunny- likes to hop, hop, hop

That’s your cue…get hopping!  Once you get through all of the animals in the song, encourage your child to add their own verses paired with their favorite animal's actions to keep the activity going.

And let’s not forget a real oldie:  “
How Much is That Doggie in the Window?”.  It’s a perennial favorite that spans generations. Just the idea of a little puppy in a shop window, wagging its tail, hoping to be taken home, is enough to hook most of us. It’s a song with a cute story that’s easy to turn into a simple play along game for you and your kids to enjoy.

Lots of our Kidsongs videos show the Kidsongs Kids doing simple choreography and hand movements designed to help develop our young viewer's coordination. The added attraction of adorable
baby animals
in the music videos that I’ve written about here, make an especially winning combination.  

Enjoy !