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My Favorite Play Along Songs [Album Download]

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Looking for songs that you can dance to?  We’ve got the “Mexican Hat Dance”, “Come On & Conga” and “Do the Silly Willy” on this album.  Songs to play to?  How about “Pat-A-Cake”, “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush” and “Skip to My Lou”?  My Favorite Play Along Songs is twenty-six songs about fun and games -- Enjoy!

Song Previews

Alouette [Song MP3]

Simon Says [Song MP3]

Don't You Just Love to Waltz? [Song MP3]

Mexican Hat Dance [Song MP3]

The Yellow Rose of Texas [Song MP3]

Come on and Conga [Song MP3]

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush [Song MP3]

This Old Man [Song MP3]

Skip To My Lou [Song MP3]

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt [Song MP3]

Practice Makes Perfect [Song MP3]

Pat-A-Cake [Song MP3]

London Bridge [Song MP3]

Polly Wolly Doodle [Song MP3]

There's A Whole In My Bucket [MP3]

Here We Go Loopty Loo [MP3]

Jim Along Josie [Song MP3]

Michael Finnegan [Song MP3]

Do The SIlly WIlly [Song MP3]

Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes [Song MP3]

The Green Grass Grows All Around [Song MP3]

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