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My Favorite Animal Songs [Album Download]

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If your kids love animals then this collection of songs about their furry friends is sure to please.  These twenty-six songs celebrate Mary’s Lamb, "The Kickin’ Mule", the whale with the polka dotted tail and the  "Best Dog in the World".  Kick off the animal serenade with the ultimate oldie but goodie -- "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".  

Song Previews

Old MacDonald Had a Farm [Song MP3]

Mary Had a Little Lamb [Song MP3]

Rodeo Rider [Song MP3]

BINGO [Song MP3]

Do Your Ears Hang Low? [Song MP3]

Little Bo Peep [Song MP3]

Water World [Song MP3]

Did You Ever See a Lassie? [Song MP3]

If I Had a Pony for Christmas [Song MP3]

Fiddle-I-Dee [Song MP3]

The Petting Zoo [Song MP3]

Five Little Monkeys [Song MP3]

Raccoon And Possum [Song MP3]

Over In The Meadow [Song MP3]

The Bear Went Over The Mountain [Song MP3]

The Farmer In The Dell [Song MP3]

The Kickin' Mule [Song MP3]

The Old Hen [Song MP3]

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