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My Favorite Let's Go Songs [Album Download]

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Want to get up and moving?  Let’s sing about every way to go, from the "Bicycle Built for Two" to the "Little Red Caboose" and "The Man on the Flying Trapeze".  From Banana Boat to Stage Coach, the Kidsongs Kids™ are on the move, so come along!

Song Previews

Adventures in Biggleland [Song MP3]

East Side, West Side [Song MP3]

Ta-Ta-Ra Boom-Dee-A [Song MP3]

Jump-Jump, Turn Around, Start Again [Song MP3]

Country Kid [Song MP3]

I Got Wheels [Song MP3]

Row, Row, Row Your Boat [Song MP3]

I Like Trucks [Song MP3]

The Caissons Go Rolling Along [Song MP3]

Bicycle Built for Two [Song MP3]

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain [Song MP3]

Day-O (Banana Boat Song) [Song MP3]

Strolling Through the Park [Song MP3]

The Man on the Flying Trapeze [Song MP3]

The Lion Tamer [Song MP3]

When The Saints Go Marching In [Song MP3]

We're Gonna Get Wet [Song MP3]

Rig-A-Jig-Jig [Song MP3]

Go In And Out The WIndow [Song MP3]

Little Red Caboose [Song MP3]

Down By the Station [Song MP3]

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