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This fun-filled collection has 30 of our best kid's songs!  Join in the sing-along fun with songs like If You're Happy and You Know it , Yankee Doodle Boy, The Muffin Man and even Them Bones!

Song Previews

Yankee Doodle Boy [Song MP3]

The Muffin Man [Song MP3]

Harrigan [Song MP3]

Let's Be Silly [Song MP3]

I'm a Big Boy Now [Song MP3]

I've Been Working on the Railroad [Song MP3]

Shortenin' Bread [Song MP3]

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain [Song MP3]

I Wanna Be A Fireman [Song MP3]

Them Bones [Song MP3]

Mr. Policeman [Song MP3]

It's Not If You Win or Lose [Song MP3]

Over the River [Song MP3]

You Know That You Can Do It [Song MP3]

Harmony [Song MP3]

Funiculi, Funicula [Song MP3]

Frere Jacques [Song MP3]

Kumbaya [Song MP3]

Day-O (Banana Boat Song) [Song MP3]

Strolling Through the Park [Song MP3]

If You're Happy and You Know It [Song MP3]

America's Heroes [Song MP3]

Home On The Range [Song MP3]

Oh Susanna [Song MP3]

You're A Grand Old Flag [Song MP3]

The More We Get Together [Song MP3]

When The Saints Go Marching In [Song MP3]

Fast Food [Song MP3]

Fooba Wooba John [Song MP3]

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