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  1. Holiday Sing Along 4 Pack  [DVD]  NEW!

    Holiday Sing Along 4 Pack [DVD] NEW!

    Join Santa, the Kidsongs Kids™  and the Biggles for a joyous Holiday season! Sing along with 40 classic songs the whole family will enjoy. Save $10 over single DVD prices by buying a 4 pack!  Our new 4 packs feature 4 DVDs in a single case. Learn More
  2. Animal Fun 4 Pack [DVD]

    Animal Fun 4 Pack [DVD]

    This wonderful Kidsongs collection of children's music videos features 42 great songs about animals. Its cast includes real live baby llamas and elephants, chimps and dolphins, kittens and lion cubs, horses and bear cubs and so many more furry friends. If your kids love animals and this is a must have collection. Our new 4 packs feature 4 DVDs in a single case!

    Titles include: If We Could Talk To The Animals, Baby Animal Songs, A Day at the Circus, A Day with the Animals

    Learn More
  3. A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm [DVD]

    A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids
    Join the Kidsongs Kids on a sing-along field trip to Old MacDonald's Farm. Meet the MacDonalds and all their barnyard friends. Includes "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", "This Old Man" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Learn More
  4. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing [DVD]

    I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids
    Introduce your child to these great international kids' favorites. Includes "London Bridge", "Frere Jacques", "Day-O" and more! Learn More
  5. Ride the Roller Coaster [DVD]

    Ride the Roller Coaster [DVD]

    Starring The Kidsongs Kids
    We're off to the amusement park and we're going to have a great time! Includes "Here We Go Loopty Loo", "Let's Twist Again" and "Splish Splash". Learn More
  6. I Can Do It [DVD]

    I Can Do It [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids™ and the Biggles
    The Kidsongs Kids try lots of new things and find that they can do them, in this empowering DVD!  Includes "Bicycle Built for Two", "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and "Peanut Butter". Learn More
  7. What I Want to Be [DVD]

    What I Want to Be [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids 
    The Kidsongs Kids try out lots of careers in this entertaining video. They meet the Coast Guard in "Sea Cruise", visit the doctor in "Them Bones" and enjoy a behind the scenes tour of the fire station in "I Want To Be a Fireman". Learn More
  8. A Day at the Circus [DVD]

    A Day at the Circus [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids
    Come to the circus and meet the clowns, enjoy the elephants and be dazzled by the show. Includes "Polly Wolly Doodle" and "Put On a Happy Face". Learn More
  9. Country Sing-Along [DVD]

    Country Sing-Along [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids™ and Billy and Ruby Biggle
    Let's go to the country and line dance to "Achy Breaky Heart", watch amazing horse back riders in "Buffalo Gals" and enjoy the trip to "On the Road Again". Learn More
  10. We Love Trucks [DVD]

    We Love Trucks [DVD]

    The Kidsongs Kids meet a real monster truck driver "Survivor".  Our music videos feature tow trucks, firetrucks, mail trucks, flashy 18 wheelers and dozens more.

    Learn More
  11. Water World [DVD]

    Water World [DVD]

    With special guests from Sea World, the Kidsongs Kids learn all about aquatic animals. There are adorable penguins and otters in the studio and dolphins and whales in the music videos, too! Join in the seafaring fun!

    Learn More
  12. It's Circus Day [DVD]

    It's Circus Day [DVD]

    It's a jolly day in the Kidsongs ™ Studio in this circus themed episode.  Jugglers, clowns, elephants and lions all show up for the sing-along fun.

    Learn More

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