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  1. Let's Dance 4 Pack  [DVD]  NEW!

    Let's Dance 4 Pack [DVD] NEW!

    Join the  Kidsongs Kids™ and put your dancin' shoes on!  These dance favorites will have your kids up and moving, boppin' and dancing in no time. Titles include:Boppin' With The Biggles, I Can Dance, Let's Put On A Show, Very Silly Songs.  Our new 4 packs feature 4 DVDs in a single case! Learn More
  2. Very Silly Songs [DVD]

    Very Silly Songs [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids
    The Kidsongs Kids bring the silliest songs to life in this elaborate production. Includes "Down By The Bay" (with a llama in pajamas!), "Purple People Eater" and  "Michael Finnegan". Learn More
  3. I Can Dance [DVD]

    I Can Dance [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids™ and the Biggles
    Let's get up and moving to great dance songs like "The Charleston", "Mashed Potato", "At the Hop", "Twist and Shout" and "The Yellow Rose of Texas".

    Learn More
  4. Billy's Birthday [DVD]

    Billy's Birthday [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids™, Billy and Ruby Biggle™ and introducing Freckles
    Billy and Ruby Biggle take the Kidsongs Kids on a fabulous sing-along adventure in Biggleland for Billy's Birthday. Includes "Happy Birthday", "Pat-a-Cake" and "Playmate". Learn More
  5. A Day at Camp [DVD]

    A Day at Camp [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids
    Come and join in the fun and games at Camp Kidsongs. You can visit all the camp's animals, too! Includes "The Hokey Pokey", "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and "The Saints Go Marchin In". Learn More
  6. Country Sing-Along [DVD]

    Country Sing-Along [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids™ and Billy and Ruby Biggle
    Let's go to the country and line dance to "Achy Breaky Heart", watch amazing horse back riders in "Buffalo Gals" and enjoy the trip to "On the Road Again". Learn More
  7. Boppin' With the Biggles [DVD]

    Boppin' With the Biggles [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids™ and Billy and Ruby Biggle
    Your kids will be doing the toddler boogie as they watch the Kidsongs Kids and the Biggles dance up a storm to "Peppermint Twist", "Head, Shoulder's, Knees and Toes" and the "Locomotion". Learn More
  8. Let's Put on a Show [DVD]

    Let's Put on a Show [DVD]

    Starring the Kidsongs Kids™ and the Biggles
    The Kidsongs Kids go all out to put on a show. They re-enact Elvis' classic "Blue Suede Shoes", do a soft shoe to "Personality" and bring down the house with "Give My Regards to Broadway." Learn More
  9. Let's Dance [DVD]

    Let's Dance [DVD]

    It's time to boogie!  Join the Kidsongs Kids™ in an exciting dance-along.  You'll jive to classic rock and roll, rock out in your Blue Suede Shoes, do the Hokey Pokey and even learn to Waltz. Learn More
  10. We're Dancing Now [DVD]

    We're Dancing Now [DVD]

    Get your kids up and moving!  We're going to rock, twist, line dance, soft shoe and jive along with the very talented Kidsongs Kids™. 

    Learn More
  11. Dance Along Special [CD+DVD]

    Dance Along Special [CD+DVD]

    This energetic collection combines a CD filled with 12 children's songs that will get your kids up and moving and the Kidsongs TV Show DVD "We're Dancing Now" for one low price.  A $18.98 value.

    Learn More

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