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Old MacDonald Had a Farm 50 Songs [Album Download]

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Now Old MacDonald has a great new sing-along collection of 50 classic Kidsongs that both children and parents will enjoy!  This album download includes such classics as Mary Had a Little Lamb, Home on the Range, Turkey in the Straw, Five Little Ducks and many many more!



Song Previews

Adventures in Biggleland [Song MP3]

Country Kid [Song MP3]

Turkey In The Straw [Song MP3]

The Way You Walk [Song MP3]

Where, Oh Where Has my Little Dog Gone? [Song MP3]

Old MacDonald Had a Farm [Song MP3]

Mary Had a Little Lamb [Song MP3]

This Old Man [Song MP3]

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain [Song MP3]

Rodeo Rider [Song MP3]

Over the River [Song MP3]

BINGO [Song MP3]

Do Your Ears Hang Low? [Song MP3]

Little Bo Peep [Song MP3]

Rockin' Robin [Song MP3]

Little Duckie Duddle [Song MP3]

Hickory Dickory Dock [Song MP3]

Itsy Bitsy Spider [Song MP3]

The Unicorn [Song MP3]

All the Pretty Little Horses [Song MP3]

Did You Ever See a Lassie? [Song MP3]

The Ringmaster Song [Song MP3]

The Lion Tamer [Song MP3]

The Circus is Coming to Town [Song MP3]

Home On The Range [Song MP3]

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [Song MP3]

If I Had a Pony for Christmas [Song MP3]

Fishin' Blues [Song MP3]

Pop! Goes The Weasel [Song MP3]

Animal Fair, The [Song MP3]

Little Bunny Foo Foo [Song MP3]

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat [Song MP3]

Baa Baa Black Sheep [Song MP3]

The Old Grey Mare [Song MP3]

I Had A Little Rooster [Song MP3]

Down By the Bay [Song MP3]

Fiddle-I-Dee [Song MP3]

Jim Along Josie [Song MP3]

The Best Dog In The World [Song MP3]

The Petting Zoo [Song MP3]

Five Little Ducks [Song MP3]

Five Little Monkeys [Song MP3]

Raccoon And Possum [Song MP3]

Over In The Meadow [Song MP3]

The Bear Went Over The Mountain [Song MP3]

The Farmer In The Dell [Song MP3]

The Kickin' Mule [Song MP3]

The Old Hen [Song MP3]

The Green Grass Grows All Around [Song MP3]

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