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  1. The 100 Greatest Kidsongs Collection [CD]

    The 100 Greatest Kidsongs Collection [CD]

    This beautiful boxed set of children's music makes a fabulous gift. The 4 CDs have more than 100 favorite Kid's Songs that your children will enjoy singing over and over again.

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  2. Play Songs Special [CD+DVD]

    Play Songs Special [CD+DVD]

    Kid's love to play and you'll want to join in too when you pop in this CD filled with 12 classic children's songs. And learn all the hand motions and simple dances when you play the included Kidsongs TV Show DVD "Learning  a Lesson" . All for for one low price. A $18.98 value.

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  3. Sing Along Special [CD+DVD]

    Sing Along Special [CD+DVD]

    Join in the sing along fun with this collection of well known songs. You'll get the "Sing Along"  CD and a DVD of the Kidsongs TV Show episode  "Let's Make Music" for one low price. A $18.98 value.

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  4. Fun Songs Special [CD+DVD]

    Fun Songs Special [CD+DVD]

    This fun-filled collection combines a lively CD with 12 silly children's songs with the Kidsongs TV Show DVD "Practice Makes Perfect" for one low price!  A $18.98 value.

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  5. Dance Along Special [CD+DVD]

    Dance Along Special [CD+DVD]

    This energetic collection combines a CD filled with 12 children's songs that will get your kids up and moving and the Kidsongs TV Show DVD "We're Dancing Now" for one low price.  A $18.98 value.

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  6. I Can Dance [CD]

    I Can Dance [CD]

    A Digitally Mastered Kidsongs® Music Product with all the lyrics included.

    Are you ready for a toe-tapping, knee slapping, just can't sit still sing-along collection? Your kids will be up and moving to this energetic collection of dance songs. Includes "The Charleston","At the Hop" and a dozen more. Learn More

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